Hawkhurst Bed and Breakfast is a “holiday-let” business which is here to provide relaxing and comfortable accommodation to our guests with whom we strive to build a trusting relationship. We value our customers’ personal data very highly and we need you to know that we are not in the business of selling, renting or trading email lists with other companies for marketing purposes.

Email addresses will only be accessed using HTTPS and will only be used to advise customers of opportunities to rent Hawkhurst Bed and Breakfast when there are advantageous offers available.
All emails will be sent as BCCs or “Blind Copies” to protect recipients’ addresses.


Hawkhurst Bed and Breakfast website allows customers to view availability as well as the facilities. We do not make use of “cookies” and so we are unable to identify who has visited the website or indeed we are unable to analyse any data.


Hawkhurst Bed and Breakfast's location is identified on Google Maps which includes a link to the aforementioned website. Periodically we receive data from Google about the number of viewings through their portal but we are not given any other information with regard to identities and we make no attempt to ascertain such information.

The data we do receive from Google helps us to compare activity from month to month which in turn helps us to adjust our pricing policy.


As a result of customers applying to us to rent we will obtain and store, for a reasonable period their email addresses. Many customers apply to us through TripAdvisor who have their own Privacy Policy (see https://tripadvisor.mediaroom.com/UK-privacy-policy ).

There is a Visitor’s Book on the premises in which customers leave comments about their stay at Hawkhurst Bed and Breakfast. Comments of this nature are published on our website aligned with the customers initials and area of residence.


All monetary transactions for those customers who apply to us via TripAdvisor are dealt with by TripAdvisor. In that instance we (Hawkhurst Bed and Breakfast) have no data, nor access to it with regard to bank details which TripAdvisor may hold.

We do hold, however, Bank Account details for customers from whom we have been sent, electronically, rental money and to whom we need to return deposit money. These details are held for a reasonable time by Hawkhurst Bed and Breakfast’s bankers.

Third Parties

Hawkhurst Bed and Breakfast does not share any data with third parties for marketing purposes. All correspondence with TripAdvisor customers is dealt with through their portal and so is available for them to see.

Your rights

Under General Data Protection Rules all our customers are entitled to amend, or delete the personal information that we hold. Email your request to bookings@hawkhurstbedandbreakfast
The Data Protection Officer will review data held within the General Protection Data Regulations every 12 months.